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From employee to entrepreneur. From Romania to Canada.

How to overcome financial challenges? We explore more with Roxana Rădulescu.


Changing the environment means a change in opportunities.

Canada is an amazing country and very open for immigrants. The entire process is very well designed and they help you a lot, they support you with everything you need for a smooth transition.

It’s very easy for newcomers to integrate and also to start a business. You have support, mentorship to help you better understand the business you are in, you can access funds from the government and many other options.

Financially speaking, from bank accounts to financial support and financial education, almost everything is different in Canada, compared to Romania.

The accounts are already split for different purposes, like current accounts, savings or long-term savings.

What about taxation? Or credit scoring?

You can hear from Roxana and I’m inviting all of you to listen to this episode, take the lessons and share with everyone interested.

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