Finanțe FM-EP-034-Leadership is self-management with Mei Phing Lim

  • aprilie 21, 2020

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An amazing conversation with a next generation leadership coach.

Mei Phing Lim is ready to train and implement future ready skills, so we can navigate really dynamic and complex environments.


From corporate world to entrepreneurship, you should understand that leadership is so critical and you don’t always have to have a title to become a leader.

Gradually, the large companies and multinationals are making a lot more investments in training and coaching industry as a way to really help certain individuals to maximise their potential and helping them navigate through problems.

What makes an extraordinary leader?

Always take time to observe and listen. Could be about self-awareness? Maybe about communication?

What about a method like the P.H.I.N.G. method?

A lot of the challenges are not so much about technical skills, but it’s the soft skills that allows you to really navigate through people and problems.

Knowledge is just knowledge, insight is just insight. It’s useless unless you actually take action. Consistent action.

Challenges will come and it depends on how much you really want it.

Want more? Listen to this amazing episode, full of knowledge, insights and so much value backed by experience.

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